Kulik Lodge | Bristol Bay, Alaska | September 26-30, 2017

Kulik Lodge, Alaska Fishing Adventure

Kulik Lodge – Alaska’s Premier Fly Out Sportfishing Lodge

Kulik Lodge is Alaska’s premier fly out sportfishing lodge and is located in a spectacular wilderness setting. Superb fishing is available adjacent to the lodge on the Kulik River.

Join hosts Bo Bennett and Ray Beadle Sept 26-30, 2017 on the fabulous Kulik River for the ultimate in rainbow trout with a fly rod. The Kulik River is the epitome of a rainbow trout stream. Its gin clear water, gravel bottom and plentiful food supply provide an ideal habitat for the large population of native rainbow trout. The Kulik is chronologically the last of the sockeye salmon spawning rivers. By mid-September when the spawning cycles end or get washed out in other nearby rivers like the Moraine, Big Ku, and the upper Alagnak, the trout return to the Kulik River to keep gorging on salmon eggs. You will have plenty of company while fishing as not only the trout come from the other rivers come to Kulik, but the bears do the same. You can expect to see bears every day. This late September special price includes round trip air transportation from Anchorage to Kulik Lodge, lodging, meals boat and guide service while at Kulik , fishing license, rods and waders if required and complimentary cocktails. 4 Nights per person $3650. The lodge is limited to 20 guests and only a few spots remain.