Exploratory Giant Sturgeon Fishing Trip June 5, 2017 on the amazing Frazier River, BC, Canada


Exploring for new fish and new fishing destinations was difficult in the past. Some trips work out well and others did not. Fortunately, today the close knit professionally run companies and outfitters providing their services to fishermen and women can be trusted to recommend only the best. When I mentioned Giant Sturgeon to Lisa Killick and Brian Alexander of West Coast resorts at the 2017 ISE show in Sacramento, they highly recommended the folks at BC Sportfishing Group. A couple hours later I had my date set. Check out their website at www.bcsportfishinggroup.com. I got pretty excited not only their photos but by this statement:

The Fraser River is also home to the prehistoric white sturgeon: the largest fresh water fish in North and South America. Considered one of the most spectacular fresh water sports fish in the world, these monster fish can grow to over 1000 pounds and live for close to 200 years. The Fraser River provides us with the last healthy wild stocks of this specie in the world. A catch and release fishery has been in place since 1994 and, with monitoring done by sport fishing guides in conjunction with the Fraser River Conservation Society tagging study, our sturgeon fishing industry remains strong.

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The trip of a lifetime!  I just returned from a fabulous 10 days of fishing in British Columbia Canada for Salmon and Giant Sturgeon. READ ABOUT MY TRIP IN OUR BLOG